Immerse yourself in the glamor and sophistication of the royal world

April 3rd to 13th, 2024

ALDECO would like to invite you to visit the 6th Edition of SLEEP IN, from April 3rd to 13th, get ready for a unique and luxurious experience with the 6th edition of Sleep In Royal Edition! The architecture and interior design exhibition will take place at the magnificent Palacete Silva Monteiro, considered by many to be the “most beautiful house in Porto”.

Headquarters of the Vinhos Verdes Region Viticulture Commission (CVRVV) since 1944, it is one of the richest examples of the passage of "traveling Brazilians" through the city of Porto. The interior of the House denotes and perpetuates the good taste and opulence of António da Silva Monteiro, a wealthy Porto merchant and philanthropist who traveled the world and who, from the World, brought reference aesthetic influences to the House where he lived.

With the participation of 15 talented decorators, architects and designers, and the sponsorship of ALDECO, this event promises an unforgettable journey of inspiration and elegance, in an environment of refinement and sophistication. In this edition, the theme revolves around the universe of royalty and fictional characters that come to life in unique and engaging environments, inspired by different royal houses and different cultures.
In addition to a breathtaking exhibition, Sleep In Royal Edition offers a complete multisensory experience. Discover spaces that not only impress visually, but also tell captivating stories, where the past meets the present in a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. Indulge in selected wine tastings, enjoy live music, watch wonderful cooking shows and appreciate artistic expressions throughout the 10 days of the event.

ALDECO - Interior Fabrics
Sleep In Royal Edition

03 | April 13th - 3pm - 9pm

Palace Silva Monteiro
Rua da Restauração, 318
4050-501 Porto