29 - 30 SEP. 2023
11h00 - 19h00

In a space of excellence, at the Four Seasons Ritz Lisbon,
with the view focused on one of the most iconic green spaces in the city, Parque Eduardo VII,
we explore a circular future in an approach based on materials, reuse and durability,
emphasizing the reinvention of existing resources,
without compromising on design excellence, quality and aesthetics.
HOME MATTER presents itself as an opportunity to promote contacts between all professionals
enhancing the dynamics and networking between architects, interior designers, and expert decorators
in the area of decoration in a calm and sophisticated environment.

HOME MATTER conveys a deep respect for materials and nature in all its richness and diversity.
The natural variety of textures and finishes give the eco-friendly aesthetic a unique touch and identities.
Textile fibers are present in all spheres of our lives. But how to weave a cleaner, greener and more solidary future?
We must rethink the useful life of materials, how they are manufactured and whether they can be reused and reinvented.
It's time to think round. To consider how we can repurpose materials and ensure that the materials we use
will give rise to efficient, long-lasting products that facilitate an experience full of spaces in a differentiated way.

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