Paris Déco Off... 2020

Paris Déco Off
16-20 Jan. 2020 – 9.30 - 19.30h

The world of decoration is found at the Paris Déco Off... and Aldeco will be participating once again.
We will be presenting new ideas and concepts in the form of our new collection INVICTA 2020
Invicta from the latin word invictus meaning undefeated or unconquered, unbeaten, unvanquished, victorious.
Invicta goes back to the cradle of civilization, the origins, the search for raw expression and valuable heritage. The reflect of art and human science, preserved and enriched by resilient artists, people of other ages and different backgrounds, reuniting the knowledge and crafts of the past with skills of the future. The experimenting of materials and textures, volumes and concepts, exploring geometry and dimension, standing strong in their beliefs and conquering their place in time and history, shaping not only this Collection but life. 

Location: Aldeco Showroom
23 Rue de Mail, 75002 Paris, France