• VEVA, this collection takes us on a passionate journey inspired by an unusually surprising Portuguese woman, a great lady of her time who broke standards and challenged taboos like no one else in that “well-behaved” Portugal, that lived, astonished, with Veva’s fascinating personality.
    An eccentric woman who walks her leopard on a leash through the streets of Lisbon in the 1920s, organizes exuberant parties at her house in the capital, travels alone around the world, hunts in Africa and lives with the high European aristocracy or even the British Royal Family. Married to an influential man and twice ambassador in London, she is also a novelist and playwright, an intellectual who publishes opinion articles on sociology and international politics. She likes to tease and embarrass Salazar.
    Feminine, irreverent, modernist, this is how we define VEVA, the intrepid and fascinating writer who defied the constraints imposed by Portuguese society during the 20th century dictatorship. A feminist far ahead of her time, with an exuberant and enigmatic personality passionate about Theatre and Art. We pay tribute to a woman who saw herself as a swan and a butterfly, elegant and capable of reinventing herself.
    The VEVA collection reflects this same scenographic theatricality and boldness, creatively exploring the decorative elements of the golden period of Art Deco and the metamorphosis of motifs, the richness of materials and the eclecticism of different cultures, the result of travels to different continents and contact with various ethnicities, modern artists and reformist thoughts. We dive into a new sensitivity with warm and natural tones, through a deep respect for materials and the exaltation of nature and the environment, a sensitivity associated with touch, the discovery of sensations and spirituality. We weave and embroider these stories together, building connections and preserving the richness of a cultural identity that is intended to be timeless.
    Come with us and let yourself be seduced by the sensuality of VEVA.
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