OPTIMIST invites you to absorb the CONFIDENCE and POSITIVENESS developed from the cool spirit of California and the Flamingos. The world has passed through global turbulence and this range opens a window for you to catch a glimpse of a spec- tacular future.
We invite you to absorb the positive spirit of the season that will allow us to look forward and open our minds to reach positive, thoughtful and successful decisions.
In 3 books, we have created an interesting transition between them. From a casual concept, unpretentious and light, young with a touch of sensuality, to a continuous passing which simul- taneously relives the classic era, and explores the creativity where colors and textures shine.

The inspiration comes from the cool spirit of California and the Flamingos; Happiness, elegance and in the Geometry that exists in all of the surrounding. In architecture, in jewelry, fashion and nature.
Exciting combination of designs, with many details in the em- broideries and in the importance of feeling the fabrics.

“Home should be the treasure chest of living” by Le Corbusier

- Highest quality, grace and refined taste;
- Aura of elegance and gentility;
- A positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something!

- “Bring the past only if you are going to built from it” by Dominico Cieri Estrada

- A treasure of the past, seeking value and discovering ways to make history relevant to contemporary life;
- Noble products of supreme Luxury craftsmanship, with an aris- tocratic identity.

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