• In a society where everything is immediate, we would like to invite you to: Stop, Observe, Feel and Think.
    Imagine you could enjoy the beauty of master pieces in your own home. Letting your skin caress the soft velvet paintings, to amaze, to feel and let your surroundings become part of you. As a portuguese brand, we are paying tribute to one of the most important artists of the modern era: Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, a portuguese painter who contributed to the growth of the artistic movement in the 20th century. This collection is a VIP admission to a unique exhibition – in your home.
  • Misteriosa, Dramática e Desejável, com um toque especial de influências étnicas e naturais.
    Nesta coleção, apresentamos o lado sensual da Decoração de Interiores, onde veludos estampados nos remetem para as heranças artesanais e humanas, e tecidos jacquard apresentam-se com acabamentos desgastados, revelando as suas essências de beleza intemporal. Esta coleção é complementada por ricos bordados geométricos e desenhos de inspiração étnica, tanto em tecidos de linho,  como de cetim, poliester, veludo, jacquard, ottoman, chenille,etc.  
    Mystic & Chic é uma coleção com 217 novas referências e 3 novos livros (Journey II, Dream Catcher e Wanderlust), que renovam o vasto portefólio da Aldeco. Esta coleção é apropriada para uso doméstico e de hotelaria, com a garantia de qualidade e resistência que os nossos clientes estão habituados na Aldeco.
  • Character collection arises from the gathering of the singularity and geometric strength of the beautiful details of Italian architecture in the Renaissance. With Character, we create sober environments, through elegant fabrics and a neutral and pastel color palette. From beautiful fabrics for curtains, where the lightness breaks with the hardness of the walls, to the upholstery fabrics that when applied on sofas with modern or classical structure, give them a lyrical character. This collection features wide and rich fabrics in jacquard, satin, chenille and velvet, each one special, defined by its personality being it geometric, abstract or floral - Character is timeless.
  • Green is the main color! Green symbolizes life, joy, hope, light and energy! Presenting Tropical Vibes - a joyful collection, in a burst of bright and cheerful colors, filled with floral and vegetal motifs. In this collection, we transmit a strong bond between Man and Nature, where the rich patterned, embroideries and jacquard fabrics, come to life through light and texture games with cheerful colors, where green is the predominant color. Known for not being afraid to take risks, Aldeco bet in a unique and bold collection, very special in the interior design and decoration textiles market.
  • The concept of vintage popular parties and entertainment fairs, were the starting point to the creation of this joyful collection. These catchy fabrics come to life through their rich details such as the high quality of the linen and the beauty and uniqueness of the embroideries, applications and printed finishes. 
    La Grande Kermesse takes you to a tour across the children's universe, where geometric shapes, baloons, butterflies, candies and bows, bring this collection to life with a color twist. 
  • Optimist invites you to open your mind and absorb the confidence of the cool spirit of California. Taking a casual, unpretentious and luminous concept as its starting point, evolving to a more classic concept, in which the collection explores geometric patterns and fine textures. Jacquard fabrics and velvets acquire a timeless dimension where the visual impulse provides a pleasant escape for a festive universe.
  • Cool Feeling! In this collection, creativity covers different environments: Urban, Local, Traditional, Baroque Classical and Romantic "Aged". Good Mood is a collection that brings out a philosophy of "coolness" through the unlikely combinations of colors in each fabric, creating bold and daring, still, harmonious results. Abstract and colorful embroideries, almost carry us to a dreaming world where everything stimulates while pacifies us. This collection awakens our more daring, artistic and experimental side.
  • Inspired by social change, with a reflexive and humorous inclination towards other times, Good Mood Refresh is an update of the collection Good Mood where references were added complementing this collection. This mixture gives rise to something new. This is also our idea of style: to assemble different sources of inspiration for a unique and original collection.
  • Aldeco decided to pay tribute to the brilliant film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" 50 years after the film lit up the silver screen. Our new collection is directly inspired from the 60's masterpiece's, trends, atmosphere and Audrey Hepburn's elegance, femininity, humour, fantasy and glamour.
    This collection is filled with beautiful silks and magnificent embroideries. Damascus and floral patterns are very present on this collection.
  • We felt the need to pay tribute to the courage, wisdom and knowledge of the Portuguese people who discovered the World. This collection is a recognition of a very exciting time, when our Culture and Customs were spread to all parts of the Globe.
  • The Great Discoveries also helped us consider new colour combinations. You will notice new additions of not only strong and vibrant blue and green tones, but also coral and warm shades. There are 46 new fabrics in this exciting collection presented in 43 hangers.
  • An intriguing Universe! Suitable for charm, where all sorts of changes and metamorphoses express a deep urge for a daily enchanting poetry. A global vision of the new trends for the next seasons (Nelly Rodi). A flashback about historical evolution that defines our current times.
  • The main inspiration for this collection arised from a vast research that has provided the intuition and conjugation of everything that has "influence" in the present society. The key words for this collection are: contrast, tango, bohemia, glamour, elegance and sobriety.